Saturday, May 9, 2015

Japan becomes the 9th tourism popular country

According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015 made by the World Economic Forum, Japan ranks the 9th after Spain, France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and Italy.

Unfortunately, it’s only Spain that I have never been to among these countries. Spanish people may think it’s a terrible mistake. I have to say “Lo siento.”

Considering those top ranking countries, I believe Japan is doing quite well. Operation “Omotenashi” works indeed. Actually, I see lots of foreign tourists these days in Tokyo.

I sometime drop by Tsukiji market very early morning because I like seafood and treat them by myself. There, there are lots of foreigners. I feel it’s a pity that they just watch and pass by. They can buy but won’t because they have no tools and place to cook. I suggest to create a facility or just a corner to buy and experience. They will more be excited.

I hope Japan goes higher than Australia, the top of Asia-Pacific area. But it would be a hard way to go because Australia is such a beautiful and worth visiting countries. I can say for sure because I have visited Australia 4 times saw around lots of place.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shopping refugees

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, there will be approximately 6 million people in 2025 who are 65 or older without a car and whose nearest fresh food store will be at least 500 meters from their home.

This is a very serious situation. If they become sick or unable to walk, it is a matter of life. We need to consider seriously this issues.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Unused prescribed medicine

Japan Pharmaceutical Association investigated a situation of unused prescribed medicine in 2007. According to the result, approximately 40% of the investigated home care patients have experiences of remaining or neglecting taking prescribed medicines. The sum of those unused medicines will amount to 3,220 yen per person per month.

Accounting the expenses of medicines occurred for over 75 years old with the above number, the total sum of unused medicines will be 475 million yen. It is a huge number.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Chief Cabinet Secretary meet Okinawa Govenor

Just now, Mr. Yoshihide Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary met Mr. Takeshi Onaga, Governor of Okinawa at a hotel in Okinawa city. It is the first meeting after Mr. Onaga has been inaugurated as the Governor.

As Onaga clearly states that he is against the idea of the move of the US air force Hutenma base toward Henoko area.

Both of two just reiterated their stance and seemed no progress on the discussion. I just wonder that the government just wanted to show that they were ready to talk Mr. Onaga but had no intention to accept or compromise Onaga’s opinions.

There seems no way out unless they change their stances.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Live with 897 yen per day

Live with 897 yen per day

According to a survey, private university students who live in metropolitan area and away from their parents live with \897 per day. It is the record low and for the first time down from \900.

It shows that living level of students from local area is quite low. Therefore, they need to do a part time job. However, several students do not go to school because of doing part time job so often. That is a contradiction.

There are some scholarship and many students obtain one or some of them. However, it becomes a political issue that the interests of those scholarship are too high and many students cannot afford to pay back their debt.

Friday, April 3, 2015

“Do you believe in UFO?”

Mr. Inoki  Antonio, a legendary famous ex-pro wrestler, now a member of the House of Councilor questioned at the Diet session whether the cabinet member believed in UFO or not.

Mr. Gen Nakatani, a minister of the Defense answered that the government officially does not identify the existence of UFO according to the previously decided official announcement of the government.

I suppose this is a very serious and important question whether the government tackles with those issues. It was reported that a satellite of Jupiter called “Ganymede” holds a huge “sea” in its surface with 97 km depth. If there is sea, there might be a possibility of existence of life form.

The government can say they do not identify such existence but cannot deny the existence either.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The New term started

Yesterday, most companies and schools started the new term. In Tokyo, weather was not so nice as it was cloudy and a bit rainy outside, I saw many freshmen walking toward stations seeming a little tensed. I hope they enjoy the new life.